At last I've stopped scratching so much

Like many of you i’m sure, I am forever scratching - whether it is my legs, my stomach, my chest, my backside, or trying to get a ruler or something to scratch my back, and my hairline as well.

But then a few weeks ago, my carer (who showers me in the morning) mentioned trying the Simple range. So to give it a go, I bought bottle of each of Simple shampoo, Simple Conditioner, Simple Shower Gel and a Simple for Men moisturiser. Within a week I noticed a difference. Less scratching and not so much irritation.

Now, about 6 weeks after starting to use it, I hardly scratch at all. The inflamation of my skin has gone right down and it is not so red or looking like I have been scratched to bits.

It’s great stuff. It’s not the cheapest out there, but the 99p shop often has the shampoo and conditioner or there are deals to be had on Amazon or or I found the best deal for the shower gel was on Amazon, but check in your area that the 99p shop hasn’t got it (none of the 3 stores nearest to me stocks the shower gel). It’s well worth trying it if you haven’t yet and you have itchy skin. Give it up to 2 weeks after starting to use it and I hope you will find a difference.

Best of luck.


I get a really itchy scalp, assumed I had my kids nits but never seem to find any. I wash and condition my hair every day, which tends to calm it down during the day. I use trees me, but will give simple a go - thanks.

I forgot to mention my itchy scalp. That used to be chronic and the back of my neck was always sore. But now after using Simple Shampoo and Conditioner for 6 weeks my neck is clear and I rarely have any itchiness in my scalp.

Give it a go and hopefully will settle your itchy scalp down.


The Simple Shampoo and Conditioner are only 1 type that does not mention dandruff. The shower gel is available in 2 types, one of which smells of mint. After years of using Lynx I was a bit doubtful of switching, but I’m so glad I did. Shares in Lynx have probably plunged as I used to use so much of it. However on the other hand, Simple is probably on the up!