Asking questions

Hi, What would be your message to healthcare professionals who support people living with active secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS)?

my message would be to tell them they need to learn about MS and help people.I am disgusted with the lack of knowledge they actualy have,not all of them but the majority do not have a clue.I have had MS 30 years and in all that time i have had to go it alone and learn as i go along whats best for me.I stopped my yearly neuro appt as i came away from that frustrated every time.Some of the gps i have seen over the years admit they know very little about MS,the ones that dont admit it like to make you feel you are making it up.

Having had some naff neurologists and GP’s I would urge them to speak with and learn from the MS nurses. I have always been impressed. (I do understand that this is not everyone’s experience)
I once had an appointment with a “neuro physio” who had never heard of MS hug. I explained and also managed to show how much info could be found with 2 or 3 clicks on the internet.