As yet undefined neurological symptoms and disc issues

Dear all,
This is my first post on this website and appreciate the opportunity to be able to share symptoms from this place of confusion and uncertainty as well as worry. I was diagnosed last year from an MRI scan as having cervical spinal stenosis in four places in my neck from some osteophytes but mainly from disc bulges. I spent most of last year in agony unable to move, sleep or eat and lost 2.5 stone in weight. I have since had one cortico steroid injection and am a patient in a neurosurgery clinic at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery in London. The injections are being used diagnostically to test where surgery is most needed regarding discectomy and spinal fusion or disc replacement. The pain is less than it was but is still present at a deep level, but the additional factor is a tremor particularly in my right arm (three of the compressed nerve roots are on the right side and I did have surgery in 2004 because of a torn disc at C5/6 which extruded on to the C6 nerve. The tremor is mainly what I understand to be an intentional tremor and I have always thought of it as arising from the squashed nerve root which influences the arm into the thumb, which is also numb and hypersensitive, but as well as the arm tremor which might be mechanical, I am now aware of a deeper and more central sense of tremor. It feels like it is coming from my brain and instead of there being the kind of stillness which is just usual and not really noticed other than it’s accepted, there is a jittery tremorousness, added to which I experience crawling sensations in the left side of my face with sometimes a cold feeling. Sensations like a pulling tightness also appear around my ribs or seem to connect from my trapezius muscle through into my chest muscles and it’s all a connected spasming situation. Sometimes the tissues of my throat feel sore, not in a sore throat associated way involving tonsils, but I’ve assumed the spinal stenosis is also pulling on throat tissue - that is until I also read here that with MS there can be the throat spasm and the feeling of not being able to swallow. So far the neurosurgeon has not projected anything onto the arm tremor other than it being from nerve compression, but I wonder if there is something neurological underlying, possibly because the stenosis has put the CNS under a lot of pressure and it’s caused damage. I know that tremor is not the principle symptom associated with MS and is more recognised as being part of the presentation of Parkinson’s Disease, but with the jerking involuntary movements that accompany the tremor and general shakiness, I am confused as to which might be expressing or whether these symptoms will “all settle down” as the neurosurgeon has suggested if he operates with discectomy and fusion at C5/6 as happened in 2004, but with microdiscectomy ie foramenotomy at that time. I am so sorry for this long rambling message, but I am just trying to gather the information in case it is recognisable so as to present the tremor and weakness more confidently to the surgeon so that he does not eliminate the possibility that I have a neurological disorder which should definitely be considered if surgery is in the future after diagnostic injections are carried out - the first of which at C6 which has brought mainly small benefit to pain in the arm. Thank you if you feel able to comment about whether these wandering spasmodic sensations and tremor feel in anyway like they are flagging up MS.
With best wishes, Bernadette