As arnie would say 'I'm back!'

Well after no symptoms since April here I am again. Symptoms all starting up again and trying to hide it from the other half so she doesn’t worry but she knows me too well.

starting to struggle again at work but can’t afford to go off sick. Don’t know what to do! Four different diagnosis’ from four different neuro’s do I go for a fifth or stick with the last one who gave me the term ‘non specific encephalopathy’ which he openly admitted meant ‘I don’t know what’s wrong with you!!’

limbo time again


really sorry to hear this- is it worth getting a second opinion, if for no other reason to get a new perspective on your symptoms? just an idea.

hugs and best wishes, fluffyollie x

Yeah that’s my current thinking. A new face with all of my history might just be able to make some sense of what’s going on. Thanks :slight_smile:

such a good thing that all the folks on here are as friendly as I remember :slight_smile:

I t’ought I taw a puddytat! Hello again, my friend. Sorry to see you back here! I agree with Fluffyollie, get a sec…er…fifth opinion. No point in trying to hide things from the other half. Much better to be straightforward about it - I find it makes things less complicated and is a huge relief. You don’t have to say much, use this forum for getting it all out. Just say what needs to be said. Best of luck x

Reikiblossom :slight_smile:

yeah a hive kind of told her I’m struggling just not how much. She’s got enough on with trying to get a new job this next week so am staying strong for her.

This is forum has and will be my sounding board to keep me same :slight_smile: