arrrrrrgggg stress

hi folks hope you are all well … i am so stressed out at the mo we are having a damp proof course and a new kitchen and the house is in a mess . lots of trip hazzards !!!.the stairlift broke on tuesday so getting upstairs was a struggle after being on my feet all day cos furniture all stacked up on one side of room and with all the doors open im freeeeezing lol. but on the plus side we are having a wood burning stove installed on sat oooh cant the new drug my neuro gave me to trail (sinemet) was making me feel horrible and worse so i stopped them not taking them again i suffer enough rant over lol…regards mick

Hya Mick, isn’t it awful how any change in our lives stress us out so badly? I know when I moved a few years ago it took its toll and took me months to recover.

Hang on in there. Remind yourself that this is a temporary hassle and when it’s done life will be much better… inc a wood burning stove!!!

Try and put yourself in a bubble and don’t look at the mess. Focus on TV or a book. Keep warm as you can… put on a coat if you have to or layer up on the clothes and put a nice cosy blanket on yourself.

This too will pass… this too will pass… this too will pass…

Shame the trial drug wasn’t any good. We can but try eh?

Take care hon… close your eyes and imagine sitting in front of that wood burning stove… lovely…

Pat xx