Arrggghhhhh....smoke alarms!!!

So yesterday our smoke alarms (mains operated) bit the dust. I thought it was just the back up batteries needing replacement, but no. Anyway, our upstairs one is right at the top of the stairs. It had been on full alarm mode for around 60 mins and I was desperate. I clambered on top of a dining chair whilst breaking out in a cold sweat and disconnected the b*gger with trembling hands and my whole body swaying. I clung to the top of the chair, but the location meant I felt completely unsafe and so dizzy. We now have two battery alarms as a temporary measure while I wait for my replacement mains alarms and an electrician! No way am I going back up there! So that’s another new symptom this week - vertigo!!! I would have called on a neighbour to help, but the only three at home were 83 years old, heavily pregnant or sleeping after a 12 hour night shift! So I did it myself. Took me about half an hour to recover from the sweats and shaking, but there we go! X

Beware climbing on dining chairs! I did it one year to take down Christmas cards I’d strung over the doorway. Lost my balance, got my foot caught and went full force, backwards, head first, into the wall - blood everywhere! We’d not long moved in here so we had to go and ask a complete stranger of a neighbour to come in and babysit while hubby took me to A&E. Hours later, and lots of superglue, we relieved the stressed out neighbour (we’d forgotten to even tell her the kids’ names!). Very glad I have a strong skull :slight_smile:

So, next time(!) Emma, switch off the mains electricity and wait for someone who is steady on their feet and not too old, pregnant or working shifts :slight_smile:

Karen x

OMG Karen, that’s awful!!! I know I shouldn’t have climbed up, but your story has definitely made sure I won’t do it again! Luckily it’s a rare occurrence anyway as hubby is 6’5" and can normally reach things I can’t without the need to climb! Unfortunately he was an hour away and I’d been listening to the screeching alarm for too long. :slight_smile: X

(Forgot to say that cutting the mains didn’t work as the back up batteries kicked in. I was REALLY desperate!!!)

I think I’d have gone out!!!