Arms and Legs!

Have been focusing on exercises for my arms but find my legs are more painful/weaker.
It may seem daft question but can arm exercises affect the legs - possibly linked to general fatigue ?

Not a daft question at all!

School of thought is that with MS the “tank” of energy / stamina / strength / flexibility is very much finite. So a “good” day, when getting around more, or perhaps doing more exercise in general, often results in “payback” the following day. Well, that’s how it works for me!

Try to blend exercise - the stuff that involves exertion - with stretching. As we deteriorate, we need to spend seemingly ever more time stretching to overcome stiffness. It’s not exercise as such, but if you’re too stiff, you won’t want to / be able to exercise.

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I think we tend to concentrate on what we can do rather than what we have problems with.
Getting the walking mechanics working properly will be more efficient and less tiring.
This is where having directed exercise is so important.
Not sure how many people with MS have fully functioning legs but problems with their arms?
Post MS diagnosis my upper body flexibility improved because of the exercise classes!