Armchair pedal exerciser

Hi everyone

I am thinking of buying an armchair pedal exerciser, they used to sell them in Argos for around £10 but don’t seem to stock them any more, so am looking on ebay at present. Has anyone had any experience of using them please, were they useful and where did you buy them? Amazon do have them but the cost of postage seems very high.

Thank you for your replies.

Wendy x

you can get them from Coopers of Stortford but P&P is probably the same.

Alison x

Thanks Alison, I’ll try it.

Wendy x

Hiya Wendy

There are quite a few pedal exercisers around. Usual price of £20 to £30. Amazon have one at £22 with free postage.

I bought one from Argos 4 years ago. Quite weighty but the thing with these armchair type ones is that they will slide. You will need to wedge it against something. I also found the distance on the pedal arm quite short. I suppose it will have to be as it is nearly touching the floor. It will only give small leg rotations unlike a proper bike.

On some bikes there are digital displays for distance, rotations completed. total rotations and …calories lost. Oh and some have variable resistence to push against.

Still you must be able to wedge it as most will slide when using them.


Cheers Marty, my husband warned me of the sliding effect, I will look further.

Wendy x