Arm pain recently.

I was dx in Jan 07 and things only started to happen Jan 11. Most of my probs are related to my left hand side and have had several minor cramps, fidgity leg, balance left hand finger and limp problems.

About 8 weeks ago I threw bits of bread to birds in the garden ( sad i know) and yanked my right upper arm. It’s still sore and made worse because I did some ms exercises prescribed during a uni study. I take dicloflanec tabs to ease the pain.

Question is. Is this pain ms related, or am I paranoid?

PPMS John.

Think it would be worth speaking to a nurse or a GP. Were the diclofanec prescribed for the shoulder pain or something else? It’s always best to make sure things are not Ms related. Hope it eases soon. Laura x Ps feeding birds is a great thing, not sad at all : )

I am of the same problem (ish) Somehow I caused a problem with my left shoulder which just will not go away. Have been prescribed Naproxen (GP says Diclonfenic is out of favour now due to it possibly having more side effects) which stops the pain apart from a bit of break through pain. Not sure if it is MS related pain. Am going to see the physio today and tomorrow (2 different Trusts, 2nd opinion always can help!) but have been told told if it doesn’t ease, to consider steroid injection! . Thought this would be problematic in itself as surely it would interfere/affect any further doses required for my MS?


Feeding birds is a great and noble way to injure yourself, unlike mine which is probably due to me just sleeping in the wrong position!

Thanks Laura,

The dicloflanec were prescribed for gout a while ago which is under control.