are these signs of ms?

Hi there Ive had on off experiences over a few years but in the last few months have had much higher frequency of things occurring. Here are some problems im having, Random feeling of weakness in my legs on standing or walking, its like a wave going through my legs i have to stop and it feels like both my legs will give way. It takes around 10 to 20 seconds for them to regain strength. I also get my words muddled using the wrong word in a sentence. For example using word bed instead of chair or forgetting what things are called. Also struggling to read and read the same sentence over because i skip words etc. Also when i write i frequently start the word with the second letter. This worries me as its new and i have never had trouble before and have completed degree work at uni without issues. Also i feel very tired and cant help dozing off in daytime. Some days i feel good for nothing. Also i am struggling to be organised and struggle to focus on getting jobs done.i forget things frequently even when important or birthdays even when i set reminders. I am also struggling with learning because im forgetting the information taught. Does this resemble ms symptoms? Thanks for reading.

Hi Flower,

I would say they are certainly signs of being unwell, but not necessarily of having MS, as there are over 100 things that can have similar symptoms, ranging from the very rare, to common and easily treatable vitamin deficiencies.

If you haven’t already done so, the only way to get to the bottom of things is to start by going to the doctor. It’s never a good idea to assume symptoms are the worst thing you can think of (or that Google comes up with!), as MS is still a rare disease, and there are so many other things it could be. ALL of those have to be ruled out before MS would even be considered as a diagnosis, as it’s what’s known as"a diagnosis of exclusion". That means there is no specific test for it, so all the similar-seeming things that do have a test have to be eliminated first. Consideration of MS is the end of a long road, not the beginning.

Hope this helps, but you do need to go to the doctor’s. Unless, of course, you’re content to live with things as they are unless anything worse happens - but it doesn’t sound as if you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be posting on an MS board.