Are some people really like that?


Last week’s visit to hospital left me a little deflated by the attitude and behaviour of some of the other patients. There were certainly examples of trauma and mental frailty and while I may make light of the resultant impressions, I genuinely feel for them. The staff, of course, were epic.


Aww Steve , you are a Star, a true gentleman going through everything you have and you do it with dignity and pride I never hear you playing the victim you always find humour in whatever you are going through. My Ben always tells me that suffering is a choice . I think he is right we can all fall on hard times but it’s a choice as to whether we play the victim or not . I feel sorry for those nurses overworked but always trying to be cheerful. I do think older people can at time revert back to being very childlike , it’s not always their fault especially if they have mental health issues and pain dementia ect . But there are a lot of lovely old people too like the old man who didn’t mind going in a home knowing that his daughter had 4 children. I’m 54 but I hope if I get really old that I stay kind and well mannered. Take care Steve. Michelle and Frazer xx