Are my symptoms MS?

Good morning all, just joined as I would like your thoughts on my history of symptoms and current ones.

About 5 years ago at the age of 52, I had a very strange sensation in my thigh, just like someone was hugging it tightly.

At the same time I developed one heck of a flue type bug which took me 4 months to recover from

During this period I was experiencing strange numbness in my legs and back, after around a year those symptoms diminished.

The next symptoms I started with were severe dizzy spells,which I still get but not as often or as bad.

Then I started getting electric shocks in my brain, like a thousand little shocks for a second or two.

Next symptom to develop was a hearing issue, I started to become very sensitive to certain noises, which can be very painful.

The next symptoms to appear was I lost my sense of smell.

Recently and the reason I started to research all of these symptoms is now wake up everyday aching all over.

Dr’s have investigated all these over the last few years and are unable to offer me any explanation, although they did say when I had the flu symptoms/strange leg and back problem I may have had an infection of the spinal chord.

I haven’t yet discussed the body aches as this has only appeared about a month ago

I am now approaching 57 and do like to keep fit at the gym

So my current issues are super sensitive hearing, odd hearing, loss of sense of smell, body aching all over, slight dizzy spells.

Really appreciate your thoughts

Thank you

Hi 2wd

when you say drs investigates did they do an mri? What did they do to investigate your symptoms?


Hi Flaran

I did have MRI scans on my back and on my brain, the brain scan was to investigate my loss of smell.

I forgot about another symptom, before I lost my sense of smell I was getting phantom burning smells

do you fish? I know a daft question but a few of my fisherman friends used to sit on the lakes fishing surrounded by grass and deers and sheep = ticks = Lymes.

Lymes is very endemic in this country. It can start with flu like symptoms and when it goes chronic effects your nervous system.


No i dont fish but thanks for your thoughts on this

The standard definition that neurologists must use to diagnose MS is called the McDonald Criteria.

Wikipedia has a good article about it, if you really want to diagnose yourself.



oh anthony you little devil you lol. xx

i hasten to add you dont need to fish to get lymes just walking through grass can get you a tick.