Are general aches and pains normal?

Hi everyone

I have had MS for about two years now and have been lucky so far. I have not had any disabling attacks or anything that has had a huge effect on my life so far. !'m 29

I have been experiencing aches and pains every day for a coupld of months now. These can include pain under my ribs cage, in my hips, stomach pain, pain in my side etc. I have been to Dr. and they say that I have IBS and muscoskeletal pain. I have never actually had any tests for the IBS.

Does anybody else experience general aches and pain but that are quite constant? Do they ever get better. I just wanted to see if this was an MS thing or if I should be worried?



Hi Sarah,

I have generalised aches and pains, and have done for some years. Like you, I have not had very many pronounced attacks (relapses), although looking back over the years, more have happened than I realised at the time. I never thought they were anything sinister at the time, because I always got better (hehe, who knew there was anything like RRMS, that comes in phases like that?)

Anyway, apparently independently of the obvious attacks/relapses, I’ve had deteriorating general health for quite some time - increased tiredness, joint pains, etc. I’d describe it as feeling old before my time.

My neuro is a bit dismissive, because these symptoms aren’t “typically” neurological, so he doesn’t think they’re necessarily related. I, on the other hand, intuitively feel they are, and not that I’ve got some other thing on top of the MS.

You have to remember that MS can alter muscular strength, endurance, balance, posture, and coordination.

Any combination of these things, particularly when it’s long term, not temporary, like an injury, could be putting extra strain on joints and muscles.

Digestive problems are not uncommon with MS either. When you think about it, your digestive tract is muscular. It has to be, to force the food down through it. If you have a problem with your central nervous system, that means signals to the muscles can’t always get through properly, it’s not just obvious muscles like your calves and thighs that could be affected.