Apt times

Hi folks Just a quick question, how long is the waiting times to get a lumbar puncture apt on the NHS? I’m in N.Ireland. I have been with a consultant privately for 2 consultations, Mri and blood tests all at considerable cost to myself and only now is he referring me to the NHS for the LP. I contacted his secretary and was told 6 Mth waiting list which I thought was a bit long but she cut me off and said that’s the way it is!!! Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. James

James, have you considered asking your gp to contact the Neuro and request a copy of the mri report? It might help with some information while you wait for the LP. Having had the work done privately, I’m certain you could request a copy report yourself anyway, from the charming secretary. They won’t mean a lot to you, but your gp might shed some light on it. The waiting game is dreadful for anything health related.

Hi Poppy, thanx for replying, head Mir show 15 foci in frontal and parietal lobes, cervical Mir was clear, all bloods came back clear as well. Last consultation he told me that he would refer me to himself in nhs and order the L.P. as he needed this. The results will put me down one of two roads…whatever that means. Going to call at docs next week Thanx again