Appointments with MS Nurse


Wasn’t sure whether I should post this in Everyday Living or the Before and New Diagnosis section, so please feel free to move if it’s in the wrong place.

Is it usual for other medical professionals to be present when attending an appointment with the MS Nurse?

The first time I saw her there was also an Occupational Therapist present and the second time, OT & a Physiotherapist. I wasn’t warned that someone else would be present and there didn’t seem to be an option to speak to the MS Nurse on her own.

I know I should have said something but I found it intimidating having others there. Has anyone else experienced this and would you request to see the MS Nurse on their own if that’s what you wanted?

Hi, If the appointment was to see the MS nurse then yes, you have the right to be seen by the nurse only if you wish. There can be other mitigating circumstances however depending on what your appointment was for.


I don’t think it matters where you post, someone will answer you.

I find it a bit strange to have appointments with the MS nurse gatecrashed by OT and PTs. It’s never happened to me. In my area, the MS nurses have a lot of contact with the Community Neurological Team (which includes PT and OT), but they are separate. So the MS nurse might ask a PT to see me, but that would be independent of my appointments with the nurse.

It’s surely important for you to develop an individual relationship with the MS nurse. S/he will be the person who can bring together all the strands of your healthcare after all.

If you have an email address for the MS nurse, why not send her/him an email politely requesting an appointment with just the two of you present. You can surely explain that there are aspects of your health that you are happier to discuss in a more confidential meeting. And after all, discussion of (for example) disease modifying drugs, or bowel and bladder issues, or pain/drug treatments have nothing to do with physio or occupational therapy. Equally, if/when you see a PT or OT, you’d prefer to arrange to see just them. Seeing a physiotherapist is not useful if there are other specialists present.

The more I think of it, the more odd it seems. I’ve just seen my physio. We discussed physiotherapy, exercise and my physical condition generally. I email my MS nurse most often, we discuss completely different things. Like drugs, symptoms, relapses, bowel and bladder issues. None of which is relevant to my relationship with the PT.


Thank you for your comments Sue. I don’t have an email address for the MS Nurse, just a contact telephone number; but I will definitely try to get in touch with her before next appointment and request that I see her on her own.