Appointments next week!

So after a lot of pushing and working the system a bit I have managed to get my appointment for MRI scan for back neck and brain for next Wednesday and consultant appointment the following day! Am obviously anxious about the appointment but am glad I managed to organise it so quickly. It’s my birthday the day after seeing the consultant- think that this birthday isn’t going to be a great one!

On a separate issue when I was at a&e last Thursday with suspected relapse they did some blood tests which my gp has now got and I need to get further blood tests done as I had abnormal liver function tests- anyone had this before?

Well done you on getting the appointments! (And happy birthday for next week in case I forget, which is highly likely!)

No idea about the LFT. My only experience with it is because people on interferon have to have it because it can interfere with liver function, but I don't know anything else about it, sorry.

Hope it goes well next week.

Karen x

Good luck and enjoy your Birfday regardlessthumbsup

Good luck - hope you manage to enjoy your birthday.X

Thank you everyone. Will post with an update after consultant appointment! Even though I know what’s coming it’s still really scary!