Apointment record! How many have you had?


I have justed added up all my ‘medical’ appointments this year. Physio, GP’s, Consultants etc. It came to a whopping 36! Now when I was in Sheffiled I could go years without a peep from anyone. So this is some difference now I’m back on the Wirral.

Oh what prompted me was another appointment to The Elective Care Centre, ooooh, that came this morning to start yet another round of seeing a surgeon to maybe offer something for my double vision symptom - one of many on my list.

Stilll I have a clear run of no appointments in December …

Can anyone come close to my record?


Hi Marty.I live on the Wirral,but how the ‘effin’ 'ell did you manage that? Your figure of is more than my “Please come to an appointment at Walton”,including a couple of exotic treatments in 11 years.

Looks like you win the ‘Frequent flier of the year award’,for the Wirral section of this esteemed bored…Unless


Hi Marty,

I can beat your record!

2012 has been a bad year for me, I’ve had back to back relapses, 2 MRIs, started on copaxone and been signed off work for so far 8 months in 2012 so far (still don’t have a return to work date), I’ve had 45 medical appointments: GP, consultants, specialist nurses, clinical physcologist and physios, that would go up to 50 if you include the practice nurse appointments for Vit B12 jags and flu jag and atos home visit and up to 52 if you include the consultant and GP appontments that I have scheduled for later this month!

Then there has been OH and HR appointments for my work, and don’t forget 3 dentist appointments…hey, I’m a nurse and I am sure getting my share out of the NHS!!!



Wb I think they love me here on the Wirral. More than in Sheffield anyway. Oh I also gave my ‘personal’ NHS neurophysio her first Christmas card as well!

Jools Wow! You beat me. I didn’t think it could be done. Erm, do I say well done or sorry never mind?

Hehe…2012 has (still is I guess) been a bad year, onwards and upwards I hope…I don’t want to be a record beater next year!!!

Take care

Jools X

Hi, well what about if we add `em all up since first seeing a medic re our ms/similar problems?

I could go back and look at my diaries, but it would take eons to do that.

Guess I havent had as many as you this year tho`.

have you been asked to any medic xmas parties yet? LOL.

luv Pollx

'Fraid so

2012 has been an horrific year for me. 30 days in hospital over 4 different admissions, 6 neuro visits, 1 MRI, 3 CT scans, 5 chest X-rays, 1 dopppler scan of legs for DVT (all radiography as an outpatient) 6 visits from home based physio team, 10 from OT, 3 from Disability Support Case Manager, 30 GP visits, numerous trips to the path lab for blood taking, 4 eye dr visits as the MS has been playing havoc with my eyes and my one annual check up at the dentist had to be done over 2 visits due to TN… And I may have forgotten or missed some out. That was a pretty quick skim of my calendar.

So that is 73 not including hospital admissions and blood taking. Sigh, guess I’m getting my money’s worth

Roll on 2013… it HAS to be better than this year…


Hi Belinda

Wow! 73! That is some going?

Er… I don’t think I want to challenge that one! LOL!


Marty, please don’t!!!

It was a truly horrendous year and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy

B x

Oh Belina! 2012 nearly over, so fingers crossed for a better 2013 for us…it’s gotta be onwards and upwards surely!

Jools X

Couldn’t be worse! Surely?


B x