Apathy and tremors

Dear all

I have ignored this wonderful site for a good few months and I think that says it all really - apathy, depression, denial… I am determined to get back on track though.

My main concern today is a shaking attack I have experienced three times now (I was diagnosed with MS in Nov 09). The first one resulted in a call to the emergency doctor. I received a shot of cortisone, which my neurologist was not too happy about, and left in bed to let it pass.

The attack starts off with high temperature (I usually think that a migraine is coming), lack of concentration and then the shaking starts after about 20 minutes. The shaking continues for around one hour and then gradually subsides - the first attack was upper and lower body and the subsequent attacks only upper. But then I cannot move. I am literally a dead weight (even the nurses had trouble moving me) I think that remaining as calm as possible during the last attack helped control the shaking, but the lack of muscular strength after the attack seems unavoidable. My last attack started at 11.00 and I was gingerly back on my feet at 19.00.

Can anyone relate to these incidents? I would be really happy to receive any comments, shared experiences or support to keep me on track :slight_smile:

I wish everyone a positive week.

Best wishes