Anyone successfully claimed MS is substantial risk on ESA50

Has anyone successfully claimed that MS is a substantial risk to mental or physical health if you were found NOT to have limited capability for work and therefore this places you automatically in the support group?

More information can be provided if necessary - I am also a member of the benfitsandwork website.

No, but I’m intrigued. Edan.

Hi, well of course the answer is yes, MS is definitely a risk. But that risk will vary from person to person, as to whether or not they are capable of work.

I look forward to reading some more replies, as i am not able to give my own experience as an example, as i dont have MS. Also I have not yet been forced to jump through ESA`s hoops.

luv Pollx

Very interested to see too as i work 20hrs a week term time and i am about to start Rebif in 4-6 weeks.

I was too ill to work up until 5/11/12 and sick pay will not re-start until around April so if i get knocked

sidewards on treatment then half pay it is. The stress of worrying does cause a degree of Mental

unstability and has indeed caused physical ailments. But i am expected to live with MS and not take time off

when ill so how does Limited Capability work when it comes to ESA ? Interested as my employers i feel

want me out.


Just to clarify things - when I said I had more info I meant about the person that I care for. I am looking at claiming that MS is a substantial risk to your mental/physical health if you are found NOT to have limited capability for work (there are also other issues placing you straight into the support group of course).

I joined the benefitsandwork site specifically for more info on ESA - or in particular moving from IB to ESA. I have no doubt that the person concerned will get ESA but I am concerned that they will be placed in the work group rather than the support group.

I have searched online regarding MS and the mental/physical capabaility for work but have not found anything.

On benefitsandwork someone made a forum posting saying that they had successfully claimed this (that if they were found NOT to have limited capability for work then this would affect their mental/physical health) and so they were placed automatically in the support group - but they have Primary/Progressive MS - whereas this person has relapsing/remitting.

I have also downloaded info from this MS site - but I am a little disappointed that there does not seem to be a lot more about claiming that MS is a substantial risk to physical/mental health if NOT found to have limited capability for work. Surely there could then be some basic/template letters made available and further advice on supporting documents from your GP and MS Nurse etc.

Any news on how you got on x

i was told that ms has no substantial risk to your health whether it be mentally or physically, therefore theres no reason not to be able to work if you have not been told what type of ms you have. ive been told so many different things that i have no idea about what im actually allowed to put on these forms any more apart from how it affects you

i was told that by my brother, he said he asked his dr about it and was told that, i dont know what to believe when it comes to my brother tho as he wants me up and working a 40hr week and be on hand 24/7 to look after my parents aswell, so i have no idea about what is the truth anymore, i get told lots of different things by him, the job centre, the esa call centre morons, its too messy to try to figure out truth from bullcrap

Vicki i totally agree with that, the morons in charge do drive me crazy at times. They do like to confuse us in the hope we give up.

But ms as a substantial risk? It only effects yor brain, spine and optic nerve. I mean how important is a brain? really?


wen it comes to my brain the neuro said its spotty, n mentally its stuffed up anyway so hey ho, i just enjoy having a funny brain lol