Anyone seen this story about solifenacin helping regrow (mice) myelin

The headline is that solifenacin (a bladder control drug) helped cells that make myelin, known as oligodendrocytes, do their job.

The link is here:

Has anyone else seen this story? Is anyone on solifenacin (aka vesicare)? I’ve tried it in the past - didn’t do much more my extreme bladder problems but I might try it again (hope springs eternal etc).

I tried vesicare a couple of years ago (…on recommendation from bladder clinic) and it did absolutely nothing for me …so I gave it up.

My feeling is, if it doesn’t have any effect in what it’s designed for, why would I hope for it to also help with myelin repair ?? (…and if it was able to do it, wouldn’t we have heard all about it by now ??)

Incidentally, when I ‘go’, I’d love to come back as a mouse as they must, by now, have an endless supply of substances for stem cells and myelin repair. I’m just not keen on having a human ear down my entire back !!


Ear Ear! Dom.

I’ve been on SOLIFENACIN for an over active bladder for about a year. It’s helped with the frequency issues, but nothing else.