Anyone know what body vive is?

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone knew what body vive is. I contacted my local fitness centre regarding pilates or yoga explaining about my left hand side weakness and they suggested body vive might be good for me and I have no idea what it is. I asked her and she said a low impact workout but I am not sure I could do a workout just wanted to do something that might improve my core strength.

She did tell me something which I found interesting but I am not sure if all local councils do this but if I get a referal from my GP I get 12 weeks free then if I keep it up I get a reduced rate due to having a diagnosed health condition. So if anyone is looking to improve their health it would be worth looking into council run fitness centres to see of they do this in your area.

Anyway if anyone could shed some light in it that would be great. Thanks


Is that not one of those body plates that you stand on it shakes you to death with a guarantee of you dropping a dress size in so many sessions?? Could be wrong but if it is I vibrate enough with MS symptoms without adding further vibrations. Lol Sue x

google it, its a low impact excercise session,and lets you work as hard as you need to,sounds good, its good for core strength too,which is what a neuro physio would work on,i am not fit wnough to do any excercise,only the pilates ones,that i do each day for 10 minutes,to keep me going.

Hi, just wanted to tell you my experience of going to exercise classes, with a referral from my GP.

She said these classes were for people who are at risk. But I didnt know what at risk really meant.

Anyway I went along and joined a class. I was the only one in a wheelchair and as the instructor spoke privately to each person, she told me she didnt think the class was for me, as they did circuit training. Then it was weigh-in timeā€¦I struggled to get on the scales and wasn`t happy!

I was given the details of a more suitable class.

I went to that one and felt almost as bad. Again I was the only one in a wheelchair. The other class members did a more gentle circuit of the gym.

When I asked who the class was aimed at, i was told it was for those at risk of a heart attack.

I went for 3 classes, but when 1 member had a heart problem at the class and paramedics were called, I decided the class wasn`t for me.

Sorry, I dont mean to put anyone off joining these classes, but felt it hadnt been explained better to me.

luv Pollx