Anyone in Dudley PCT had Sativex?

I’m under Dudley PCT and have so far been unsuccessful in getting Sativex prescribed. I’d be interested to hear of anyone in my area who has managed to get it.


l am not in the Dudley area - but l do get Sativex prescribed by my GP - and they come under Warks county council.


I am in the Dudley area and it appears there aint that many black country folk - as I have been watching to see who else is.

Sorry but I havent needed it myself so I cant help you with the question either.

Do you use the QE for consultants?

Hope you do get the answer to your query from someone.


I was under Sandwell and could not get it.

I have since moved and found North West Leicestershire to be far better. I got refferred to loads of things and offered different treatments.

Sorry can’t be more help.