Anyone in Belfast

Just a quick post to anybody in Belfast who might be on here, I have been trying all day to reach the MS nurses and the phone just keeps on ringing and ringing and ringing etc. I usually have no problem getting through or if they are not there they put on the answer machine, but today I can’t get through to either. Just wondering if anybody experiencing the same thing, the longest I have let it ring is about 5-6 mins.


Hi Clare, I’m not belfast but newry and deal with the nurses in craigavon. Could you possibly ring another area and see if they could contact someone. I know the nurse I deal with is off today for half term but there is always a machine.
Could you try ringing the front desk of the hospital and see if they can find someone that way.


It’s ok after waiting nearly 10mins (yes I am that patient lol) I have gotten through to Glenn all is well and my query sorted :slight_smile: