Anyone here a fan of Will and Grace

Hi folks,

I thought you all deserve a laugh on me, I wonder if any of you have watched the episode where Grace’s mum (played by Debbie Reynolds), embarrasses Grace by proclaiming to customers in a restaurant, that her boobs have drifted under her armpits.

Well my friends, having decided to wear the first strappy t shirt of the year yesterday ( with no bra), I can say that yes gravity is taking its toll and indeed my boobs do appear to be disappearing under my arm pits.

I can blame ms a little as due to the hug I have been wearing bras two sizes too big for quite a few years.

Don’t worry younger viewers I am steadily approaching 60 (scream).

Have a good day,

Wendy x

yes i’ve seen that one.

so you’re like debbie reynolds.

there are far worse people to be like.

carole x

Thanks Carole, wish I shared her looks.