Anyone have any wise words !?!

Evening all, Just wondering if anyone has any wise words for someone returning to work . I have only been off a short amount of time ( this time ) . But I hate this part as I will be walking in to atmosphere from my co workers ? I had 4 weeks off inJanuary as I had shingles really bad ( idiot doc wouldn’t give me anti virals , so got second opinion but was to late by then and it had spread even further) . On my return I was ignored and snide comments made about needing a rest , and " I think I will have a couple weeks to sleep" . I try to let these comments go over my head but it is very distressing. They know what I have and when i found out , but yet they seem to think that I’m having one big party when I am off. I am getting to the point where I am going to explode and no doubt get my self in trouble, especially with one person. My boss is very supportive so I am lucky but they see it as favouritism, I don’t understand why? I have had to speak with company doc , I have never taken time off when it was not needed. And I have always tried to help and support the team. But it gets thrown in my face . I just wondered if there is any words or advise any one has … xAnnax

Hi Anna Some people can be really insensative. One of my chefs is an idiot, always making stupid comments along the same lines as you. I have tried explaining, exploding and ignoring him. Nothing worked…until I broke down and cried. He actually didn’t know what to do with himself. We had along conversation then, about how, although I look okay, some days I am not. Then I got him to read a list of symptoms. He was suprised at how much I actuallly suffer, but soldier on and say nothing. Since then, he has been bending over backwards to help. Now, I am not saying breaking down is the answer, but it worked for me. Chin up lover, don’t let them get to you. And in the poetic words of Homer Simpson…" some people are just jerks" Xxxxx

Hey Amanda, You homer comment made me laugh, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be…, I’m not sure something has been said but the peron in question seemed please I was back??? Maybe it was because he didn’t have to cover my work , who knows ? At least I’m back, exhausted by time I get home… But at least I’m bak around people’s xAnnax

I faced it head on with my return to work as originally some people thought it was a mystery why so much time off. When I then publically told a group of my diagnosis, treatment regime and change of lifestyle, I added yes, it was time off and this is it and It sucks big time!! And then they got more workable with and understandable

Hi Anna xxx well done you!!! xxxx

I just can’t wait to get back to work x

I intend to take my team out for lunch and I’m going to give them a presentation on 'What is MS & How does it Work!!!" Basically I’m going to treat it like I would a project!! lolol xxx

All the very bestest from now on & hopefully it’s onwards & upwards for you xxxjenxxx

Maybe I should have been more open from day one. Guess I was more pissed as when they have been off always sent a text saying " you ok?" . I never get anything? Even when I was in hospital with meningitus not even a card… Guess that’s why I was never public about it. Can say get well for that then what’s the point?? Oh well whats done is done…I’m back and they getting rid of me that quick xAnnax