Anyone from south london?

Hello there. I was diagnosed in spring this year. Of course, I was shocked, scared, but doctors and studying of MS websites put my mind at rest. Relatively…to some extent.I am on copaxone from August and I feel anxiety and depression. Is it common? Doesn’t know anybody about some natural remedy? Anyway I would be happy to chat with anyone. Eva

Dear Eva,

Sorry not in London but diagnosed in the spring too and after being a strong and sensible healthy, career woman, I now struggle with anxiety and I am weepy lots of the time. I suffer insomnia too. I am just not me and am trying to come to terms with the change. I have a good relationship with my GP and he offered Prozac, however, taking it made me vomit and he offered citralopram.

I have declined pills though and instead am trying to follow George Jenelik’s Overcoming MS book. We are not allowed to promote things here, but I do find that following a healthier diet makes me feel in control and exercise (running) is a brilliant stress booster. I am also about to start regular tai chi, yoga and pilates classes to see if any help. I will try to learn meditation - when I find the time!

Getting your head around MS is challenging and the sometimes progressive symptoms is scary for sure, so be kind to yourself. Try to surround yourself with strong and lovely people. Friends, family and this forum help and my work offered six counselling sessions which I found useful.

Warmest thoughts Ali