anyone else tried prozac??

Hi just phoned my GPs ended up having a phone conversation with a doctor who has never met me who suggested i may be depressed and that i take prozac. I told him i knew i was not depressed, he obviously didnt believe me and said i should try it anyway. I am so desperate at the moment to get back to normal I will try anything. Then just rang the helpline here and they said actually prozac can help as it dampens the immune system (so may be being prescribed it by a doctor for the wrong diagnosis but now hopeful it may work anyway!). Has anyone else had it prescribed and did it work???

Hi Sheena, I tried prozac in my early years of symptoms but it was for depression. It didn't agree with me at all mentally and I felt more suicidal. Different meds work for different people so it is trial and error.

There were some trials done with Prozac for MS a few years ago. Some results showed it may help help disease activity and slow down progression. I haven't heard much about it since.

However, I don't think a GP who has never met you should be suggesting you were depressed and offering Prozac over the telephone. Would you have to have a consultation before being given the prescription?

There can be side effects with anti depressants so you need to be followed. It also angers me that they blame everything on depression and hand out SSR's like smarties.




Completely agree with Jacqui - doctors seem to be far too quick to blame everything on depression or anxiety :-(

I have never heard that anti-depressants suppress the immune system. I know they do help with neuropathic pain though.

One thing: the dose for depression and for neuropathic pain is usually different. So overall I would say it would be better not to take anything until you've actually seen a GP face to face and worked out what you really need.

Karen x


thanks Jacqui and Karen, When i went to collect them (no further appointments necesary they emailed the prescription over to Tescos for me last night) the chemist said basically the same thing as you two. She said to contact my neuo before actually starting taking them so I now have the fun challenge of trying to get through to his secretary! Ill let you all know whatbhe says about them for treating ms symptoms.

Good luck getting hold of the secretary happy2