Anyone else see this about the disabled Comedian

Hi folks I spend ages on the tinternet and in the middle of the night last night read an article about Comedian Lee Ridley, known as the Lost Voice Guy, I was moved by some of it so wrote a blog article hope you enjoy it. I never feel awkward when people are at a loss what to say about me being disabled I go out of my way to make people talk to me but then I have always been able to hold a conversation with a lamp post so talking to a real person even if they dont want to talk to me is a piece of cake. I am the type of guy who if I see someone cross the road trying to avoid me will cross the road to talk to them, now that makes them squirmbut I get that inner glow heee heee have a good Sunday.

Very good Don!!! Is that the comedian with MS? I seem to have read about him somewhere. I also chat to all and sundry when out… some are friendly, some are embarrassed, some just don’t want to know. Some start talking to me as if I’m a very very old woman. It’s the Scooter Effect. Then they look at my face and I can see their surprise that I’m not 99. Been wet, sunny and windy in Londinium (Roman name for London don’t you know). Pat xx

Raining here now, I am in bed watching match of the Day. No the comedian is the guy from the Scope adverts on telly . Have a good day in Londinium I did a lot of Roman history as a kid forgot most of it now my mind is like a sieve.

Thanks for posting on here Don, Look forward to the next ones! Nina x

It was a beautiful day up north yesterday, and we are lucky enough to live near coast. I was on my scooter and my son was running on the beach and racing the incoming tide. Really happy that he enjoys it as I miss walking on the beach, but at let I can get near and had a lovely time anyway. And ice cream still tastes great!!! So yes don, all those not yet (and hopefully never) disabled, enjoy the fun things…

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Do you all find yourself encouraging your children to ‘Have a Go!’ at all the things that you cannot do anymore - and not for the want of trying.

l find l am living my life - now - through my daughter and also friends. l keep telling them there is no such thing as ‘Can’t’ its won’t.

It was good to read that one again.

Pat xx