anyone else like Guinness

I got sent this Guinness Advert from family in Canada, I hadn’t seen it and thought it was worth sharing with you guys



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Nice advert Don, cheers for sharing. I don’t personally like Guinness (bleurgh!) although sometimes, I do like a couple inches poured into a rum an coke. It’s really nice believe it or not. You ever had a baby Guinness? Tia Maria an Baileys makes it look like Guinness but taste yummy! Best done as a shot drink though :wink:

Hi Don, I hate Guinness even though I probably should not say that as most of my family either worked or is still working in Guinness brewery in Dublin.

libertine baby Guinness sounds really nice, I might try that, it sounds like it would be good for ms


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Ann I grew up in a town with two breweries everyone worked at one or the other. Hick

Libertine baby Guinness sound good must try the rum coke and Guinness sound good.


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I am just too emotional - tears started as soon as soldier showed up!!!

Jackie xx

Nice advert. Thanks Don. Can’t drink Guiness now, but was given a very small glass of it at Christmas when I was a kid. It was probably to make me sleep as I have been led to believe I used to get a bit overexcited at Christmas time.

My Dad worked at Guinness Park Royal brewery as an engineer from the age of 30 right up to his retirement. The guys there were entitled to free beer; Dad would have a half pint with his lunch, and that was it. But he says some of the blokes would have a crate of bottles under their desk each morning which would be empty by lunchtime. He still drinks Guinness, he’s 86.

Park Royal brewery has gone now, sadly. All Guinness in this country comes in from Dublin. Next time someone says that the Guinness here isn’t as good as what you get in Ireland, you can tell them that it is exactly the same stuff.

Don, I’m sure you know that the old Whitbread Fremlins brewery is now Tescos. I was very sad to see that when we drove past last year on our way down to the Anchor Inn for lunch.

Don you should definately try it with a rum an coke. Opposite of James Bonds - shaken, not stirred though otherwise it just sits on top, yuck! Ann I’m sure I’ve read that baby Guinness are good for ms… They certainly make you feel better ha! It was in Dublin actually that I first had baby Guinness, my wee cousin bought me it. The rest of that nights a bit of a blur…

Kev Tesco is gradually taking over the world. I used to go to the Anchor back in the day, my brother in laws uncle was land lord

I miss Faversham but would never move back there I loved growing upthere.

Libertine I like the idea of this Baby Guinness

Seabird I was probably given something to make me sleep too.