Tried replying to a post this morning only to find a message saying it was being queued for approval by a moderator. That must have been some 10 hours ago, so do I take it it has been refused or that the system for moderation is a bit of a hit and miss affair? Seems kind of random anyway as I’ve never experienced it prevously. All I can say is I’m mightily cheesed off if its going to interfere in this half cocked way with contributions to posts. What is the point of somebody maybe taking 20 minutes or more to work out a reply, to have it just disappear or be approved and published very late and quite likely completely out of syc and out of date with what has subsequently been added to the thread.

Mr Angry

What on earth did you say!!! I’ve never had this

Better not repeat it or I’ll be sent off again, no seriously it was definitely nothing controversial; the only thing I can think of is that it contained some links pointing at scientific texts/publications.

Never heard of this! How peculiar. Mods - can you clarify please?

Karen x

2 of my posts have disappeared over the past couple of days so this does need checking Lesley

One of my posts disappeared yesterday morning too :frowning:

Still none the wiser 15:50 the following day, say 30 hours later.

This is what I tried to add to the post to Help Please VEPs by Jadexxx. Anyone else care to try posting to it?

The link below is quite a detailed overview on VEPs, there is a link to click at the bottom to proceed to the next section(s).

Clinical Utility of Evoked Potentials: Overview, Visual Evoked Potential, Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials.

This is a similar overview and is much more concise being a slideshow, but some of the slides are easier to process than others. Slide 10 is good if you have the data from the test results.

Somewhere it explains how they use the data to identify particular problems e.g. the one you mention with peripheral vision, and with one eye reporting a slower result than the other (higher P100 result means slower signal possibly due to damaged nerve pathway causing signal block)…

The brain MRI might not show anything to explain the VEP. If it is important to image the damage affecting the VEP, they may arrange a further MRI just concentrated on the visual area in the brain and use gadolineum contrast enhancement. Perhaps they could even use a triple dose based on this research:

Not had it happen to me. Sometimes I have had a post not posted but it’s because it has put up one of those verification code things which I didn’t see so didn’t type it in. I have done that a few times bit now have got wise to it. I find it really annoying when you have to type in the verification code. When I joined in March I barely had the energy to type and only had vision in my left eye so it was very frustrating.

Do the mods here actually do any moderating?

Eww! Contact the mods & ask them directly what is going on xxxxjenxxx

Midnightmoon - you can send a message to the admins & they’ll put you on a list so you don’t have those verifiers coming up at all xxxjenxxx

YES - but if we don’t know the answers we have to refer to the web team and, like you, wait for the answer.

Liz [Moderator]

Sorry Karen - we are also waiting for answers.


Hi Liz!

A reply, at least, is helpful. We don’t know what’s going on (even if nothing is) until someone tells us, so thanks.

Also, could you fix my verification thingy as Jen (Kizzydane) has mentioned please?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Waa haa haa! THE MODS!!! any ROCKERS!! about too!!!

Was never into the mod scene but I did like some of the music and loved the film Quadrophenia. A classic!

I’ve now got that chant going round in my head…“We are the mods, we are the mods, we are, we are , we are the mods!” :smiley:

A couple of recent posts have been flagged for moderation before being posted to the system but this isn’t something that is supposed to be happening. There’s a bug somewhere and we’ve got our developers looking at it. Apologies for any stress or hassle this is generating.

(P.S. Your volunteer moderators are three of the most committed, professional and generally wonderful people I’ve ever worked with. If they can’t get you an answer immediately it’s because they rely on a very busy web team which, in turn, relies on third party deveopers to furnish them with the facts!)

Greg [admin]

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