Anybody from the west midlands?

I’m from Coventry

I am!! From the fair land of dudley x


Hi, I live in Burton on trent

Coventry - lovely city -

Dudley - went for holidays there as a child

I once went to Wolverhampton but didn’t stay long…

I was born in Coventry, moved around a little but I’ve been back for a few years now.

Sutton coldfield…Hi

I’m from Studley & travel to Coventry to see Dr Shehu.

Swansea boy now living in Leominster.

Like Coventry. Lived there for a while as I was working Crick and surrounding areas. Now Crick is a s**thole!!

My dad used to take me up to Dudley zoo as we had relatives we used to visit in Dudley.

Not overly keen on Wolverhampton either

I’m in Castle Vale Birmingham.