anybody else affected by HS 2? not ms

Having just moved the plans today show this about 40yds from our front door!..looks like we’ll be moving again, didn’t show up on any searches! oh well, 20+ years to worry about it

Alison x

Hi, Its on news on BBc1 in a mo, about its effects on residents along the proposed route.

luv Pollx

Me again. I saw the Look North version. it said very little, only to scare anyone living near the route, with horrors re low house values and not being able to sell at all!

So maybe now`s the time to get some valuations, eh?

We have a rail line not far from us. Gonna have a google of the planned route meself now.

luv Pollx

I know its going through Leeds but what part of Leeds Id like to know. No doubt because we are green and still have fields nearby theyll pick this route! Ill be annoyed if they do, enough with traffic noise now theyve widened the darn road and built an extension to motorway. Transport rules eh. Why dont they put the whole lot underground, save on idiots dumping concrete on the lines and stealing cabling surely - or can government not think ahead?

I do hope it doesnt devalue your homes. How dreadful. What a nightmare, any more to come I wonder like half of another country decending upon us all speaking some other lingo? Green and pleasant land, not for long thats for sure.



We e-mailed our absent MP last night, he doesn’t even live in the constituency, another bugbear of mine I think all MPs should live in their constiuency with a minimum residency period before they can stand, so that they don’t just rent accommodation adress but, I digress, he called us this a,m at 9.15. I am not totally against HS2 but this proposed route is totally ill thought out, the original route that was where our MP and the neighbouring 2 MPs were under the impression was the one that was going to be published yesterday is far far less disruptive. I’m more of the belief today that they published this route so that they will look like they are ‘reasonable’ when they revert back to the initial plan and less people will object,…failing all else we shall be out searching for crested newts, they seem to manage to stop plenty of developments!

Alison x

Bren, it won’t be devaluing this house it may just not exist, that is how close it comes! well, no, that is how close on the proposed route it is shown, if that is the case after all consultation I think we’ll probably move to Cyprus or maybe Scotland!..bit of a difference there! lol

Alison x

Alison, ‘Crested Newts Rule’ and bats is another - they have more influence then us Brits.


Lol, I’ve got a Chinese crested, so half way there!..been thwarted by the crested newt before, speaking of bats, maybe I could borrow some from my old next door neighbour, they had plenty in their loft…