Anybody been to a Movement Disorder Specialist - advice needed !

Hi all, Not been on here for a while as very much stuck in Limbo and was told had Atypical Fatigue Syndrome and possible Functional Disorder. After a VERY long wait, I am seeing a Movement Disorder Specialist/ Congitive Specialist on Monday. I am just looking for any advice really if anybody has seen one and what to expect. Main issue with my movements are severe spasms and twiches. Started in my central body (trunk), sometimes looks like I am headbanging! and also then progressed to me having spasms with my head moving from side to side, now effecting my left leg and left arm. Sometimes my left and right leg twiches quite fast, but mainly short sharp ‘shock’ like spasms. Having control issues with my left hand and creeping into my right, where I can’t quite guage how hard I am gripping things, dropping things, pain etc. Any advice very, very welcome. I feel this is the last stop for me as the Neuro has discharged me as no obvious signs of physical deterioration, ie will limp around on my leg, but no actual damage to nerves can be found.Had a bad couple of weeks with forgetting names etc, so very worried at the moment. thanks so much

Have you seen this site? Might have something to help. Hope everything goes ok.