Any tips......

Hi guys,

I’m new to this site, and I will admit that I am here for advice.

Does anyone have any tips for my pregnant girlfriend, who is currently going through a very bad spell of RLS (restless leg syndrome)?

She has told me that she has suffered in the past with it, but that this is the worst that it has been. If anything, lying down seems to make it worse.

I just want to help in any way that I can without coming across as being a complete twonk.


Hi Mr. TM,

I really think this is one for the doctor or MS nurse, as not everything is fixable by DIY remedies. There are prescriptions that may help with restless legs, but obviously any prescription needs to take account of your gf’s pregnancy, so I don’t know if she would have quite the same range of options as otherwise. Certainly no harm in asking, though, as they may be able to come up with something.

I applaud your wish to help your gf, but I think the medics should be the first port of call for any troublesome or persistent symptoms. I’m not saying self-help or over-the-counter stuff never works, but the more difficult symptoms often need a prescription. I’d encourage your gf to seek medical advice, as there might be things that could help.


hey Mr tambourine Man, play a song for me…one of my fav oldies.

I take quinine for RLS, but I agree with Anitra…pregnant ladies MUST see their GP/midwife before taking any meds.

Good luck with the new babby.

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Hi there,

many thanks for taking the time to take a read.

My GF has coped so well so far with regards to the MS and preganancy. I’m kind of in awe at what she is going through. I do sit here feeling completely useless at times though, as no words can help and in the end start to sound inept, and there is seemingly nothing that I can do when it comes to exercising or massage her legs (I know the massaging would be painful with the MS sysmptoms anyway, but wondered if it could help in the long term).

Like I say, I have never seen her like she was on friday night, and she herself said that that was the worst her RLS has been…ever! Unfortunately it seems to be a cyclical thing of it being irritating, then trying to deal with it, becomming anxious which then exacerbates it further.

We did consult doctors, and were even down at A&E on friday night trying to sort something out, but the risk to the baby with a lot of RLS medication was too great, so unfortunately it seems to be a case of grin and bare it while taking some diazepam. I’m glad to say that the symptoms have died down significantly after what was a very long night on friday.

Anyway, many thanks again. The medics/doctors have been consulted and I think a neuro appointment is in the offing should it flare up again during the pregnancy.

Gentle massage using body lotion may help possibly also trying to sleep either with lower legs up on a pillow or under the knees.

Salt is usually poo pooed all the time but I find when my legs get worse I have usually not had anything with salt for a few days - and a daily banana for magnesium.