any thoughts on this please

Hi Everyone

I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS (that’s the first time I’ve typed that) and at the moment, kind of accepting it, as most of you will know there’s not a great deal else you can do, smiling helps!

I have some critical illness cover so i thought i had best get the ball rolling, and to my disgust was told MS wasn’t covered on the policy until the year after I took out the policy, life is wonderful in retrospect!!

So in short, the insurance company failed to tell me that it is advisable to cancel your policy yearly and take up a new one, seems that life in the fluffy insurance world plods along, has anyone else had this experience?

Enjoy the summer!


I am sorry I can’t help with your question, just wanted to say welcome and to bump it

up for you.

I am sure someone will have an answer for you shortly.

Pam x

Sounds like your insurance company are playing ‘GOD’ - how can anyone know when they are going to be ‘critically ill’. l think your need to speak to someone on the insurance odbudsman [ think thats how its spelt].

Lets hope someone ‘in the know’ on this forum reply. We do have some very knowledgable folk on here.

I think you might find that’s a pretty standard condition on CIC, it only covers a very limited list of conditions anyway… it’s probably worth looking at your policy documents and seeing if it is fairly obvious or not. Also, did you have ‘advice’ when you took the policy or apply for it directly? It’s worth looking at any suitability letter you received from the adviser but no doubt it will also refer to the policy Key Features Document.

If you’re unhappy and think you were misled, you need to complain to the company you think misled you (the adviser or the insurance company) before you go to the ombudsman (FOS)

Sonia x

I had cover from my employment critical illness cover, it was listed as one of the conditions that they were covering, I think they all vary slightly as to what they do cover so I would check your policy because I’m sure a lot of insurance does not list MS.