Any radio hams out there? please help

My son bought me a radio for my birthday last year so I could listen to LBC, love listening to all their topics and people ringing in. Woke up this morning, pressed the on button and hey presto, says ‘out of service’, so no programme.

Ive got out the instruction booklet and Ive tried all it says but to no avail. Why would the station stop working and why can I not get it to tune in anymore?

Any brilliant minds out there who know about DAB radios and their quirks?



Hi Bren,

I’m afraid it sounds rather as if the radio has packed up. I take it you have not been able to retune to any channel at all, not just LBC?

There’s just a possibility there could be transmitter trouble in your area, but your listed location as “Yorkshire” wasn’t specific enough for me to check, and I don’t expect you to post your full postcode on here!

However, the BBC do offer a postcode-based diagnostic tool, that should enable you to tell if there are known transmitter outages in your area:

As you step through the questions, make sure to say it’s radio you’re having problems with, and that the platform is DAB.

I don’t know whether LBC will share a local transmitter with the Beeb: might do, might not. But if you can’t get any digital radio station, the Beeb checker is probably as good as any.



Wasn’t that a Tony Hancock sketch? Anyway, I just tried my DAB and LBC (1152) is working ok, so perhaps it was just temporary.

Have you tried FM (97.3)?

Don’t you find that all the presenters are right wing nutters (apart from James O’Brien and Red Ken on Saturday)?

For some reason Tina, I cannot reply to you privately, so here goes. Ive tried putting in my postcode, but theyre only interested in BBC stations. It does say on BBC website that transmitters sometimes reduce their power to share with other stations? I got LBC yesterday but today it keeps saying ‘no service’? Ive even got the ? on the radio display.

Wouldnt mind son bought me it just less than a year ago to get LBC, its a DAB Roberts. Got the phone number for technical difficulties so shall phone them tomorrow, if not its going through the window!

Luv bren


Hi Bren, I’m still not clear whether you can receive any stations at all, or just not LBC. If you can receive BBC (or any other stations) fine, then the radio is clearly still working, and the problem is specific to LBC. Either it has stopped transmitting temporarily, or perhaps has moved channels? But if it was the latter, it seems likely there would have been warnings during the recent schedules, to remind people they would have to retune. If you are a regular listener, you presumably would have heard these?

If you can’t get any station, including the BBC, then the BBC website still might help. If you can’t get any station, you don’t need to tell it the one you wanted was really LBC. Just pick one of the BBC stations you also can’t get, and pretend that was the one you wanted to listen to. If it comes back that there are problems with the transmitter, you can probably conclude LBC shares the transmitter, and is affected by the same problems.

What is the make and model of the radio?

I will try to find the manual for it online. I know you already have one, but I don’t! If I could see the manual, I might be able to suggest something.



P.S. I know it’s not a proper fix, 'cos obviously you’d like it to work on the radio. But 'til then, if you don’t want to miss your faves, you could try listening online:


I found this after a quick search and thought it might be relevant.

Station Updates

As a digital radio listener you’ll know that stations and station names change so you’ll need to rescan your digital radio regularly to see the latest stations available.

  • Gold has replaced LBC on the Yorkshire Regional multiplex

Think that is the answer, Whammel. Searched for other references to same, and they seem to be recent - as in yesterday.

So basically, the service has been discontinued, and no amount of fiddling with the radio will get it back. The only choice will be to listen online.

Nothing to do with the question, but this is a clip from the “Radio Ham”.

Hiya All,

Ive checked the transmitter and hey presto, theyve taken off LBC and put on Gold instead!!! Bahhhhhh! Ive written to LBC to let them know listeners from Yorkshire cannot contribute anymore and written to the transmitting station stating I specifically got a radio bought as pressie to listen to them - its a Roberts DAB. Seems its useless now for listening to my fav. station. Ill now have to listen online, but Im bloomin annoyed, why change things like this without warning? We got none.

Roberts stated that they had had lots of calls regarding the lack of LBC, seems Im not the only one. Perhaps London dont want us to know whats being talked about? Propaganda exercise, one wonders? Im all for the conspiracy theory as it seems to be working everywhere.

thanks all,



You can also find it on sky channel 0112 and on free-sat.