Any one tell me how i cope

Last Thursday … Thursday i went out a 9am for an appointmrnt and when i come back my wife and 2 kids had left me.

I had no clue and have ended up a shel if who i was.


It’s quite hard to know what to say to such an obviously traumatic incident- and with little information, but you obviously need to speak to somebody. Try and stay strong. Don’t do anything rash.

Please consider calling our helpline on 0808 800 8000

Or e-mail

Stewart (admin)

Hi Please ring and use and ear. And know that you have support and care on this forum. Catherine Xx

I am so sorry for you, not very sure what I can suggest. Please speak to someone urgently and get some help xx, try getting into the doctors quickly as they will be able to refer you on as needed. Stay strong, you will need it. Did she not leave any indication of what was going to happen? Any chance they have taken a holiday for a break?

Julie xx

Similar thing happened to me. I coped by taking control where I could, details of the seperation/access/finances/accomodation etc. Having just being diagnosed with MS you might have thought it couldn’t have come at a worse time, but I was glad it didn’t happen later. That way I could see what problems I had and what the priorities were. In my case my health and my sons after that other things could be sorted as and when. I hope things work out for you. Peter


Don’t really know if I can add anything that hasn’t already been said, but please consider the helpline number.

Remember we are all here for you


I feel so sorry for you. Like Becky said we are all here for you.

You sound distraught. You obviously need to speak with someone. Ring the helpline and get an urgent appt with your GP. Remember you have friends on here.

Shazzie x