Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone can answer this, yesterday I was at a social meeting with others with MS, now in the group there was a mum and dad, with their son who has MS, and has been placed in the support group, now she can’t understand, and can’t seem to get to the bottom of, why they are having to fill in the same forms every 3mths to say that nothings changed, or if it has it’s got worse, the young man will never work again, like most of us on here, so why are they doing this, and is anybody else in this situation, take care, Jean x

It seems odd that this family are being deluged by letters asking if his situation has changed. I personally would ask them to ring the ESA department up and put that question to them as Ive not heard of that one before. Do they think he is likely to improve because if he isnt expected to, then surely they are wasting their time, or is it the case everyone eventually will be bugged to death with these letters?

The family needs to get to the bottom of this and explain, even send in medical reports to support the fact he will never work, then perhaps they will have some peace.

Do keep us informed of what happens.




This is a new one to me. I am very surprised that this would be the case.

It certainly needs a call to the ESA helpline to get to the bottom of this. I would be extremely surprised if this is the case.


thanks for you’re replies, the mother told me that have sent in the last 10yrs of medical reports, she has tried to speak to someone at job centre plus, also she has rung ATOS, fat lot of good they where, her son is just getting worse, they look after him 6 days a week, with one off and then a nurse goes, so I’m like you flabbergasted, Jean x

Hello there,

I’m also in the support group and the jobcentre plus people would keep sending me forms to fill in with many times my hubby’s help, every five months. Till I was started on tysabri infusion a year back.

The DWP are a source of stress for the ill.