Any help would be great

Hi guys,

Im 17 and work in the British Army. I’ve been on a crash course which is very intense. About two weeks ago I had tingling all down my body and I told my army doctor. He did balance and coordination tests and said they wasn’t good and unsuaull. He referred me to the hospital and they did blood tests which we’re fine nothing unusual. They then did a CT scan to check for anything and they found lesions on both hemispheres on my brain and one on my cervical spine. I then had and MRI where the same results we’re given. My lumbar puncture was also clear. I was given a “likely diagnosis of MS” on discharge from hospital. I just want help because if it 100% is I’ll lose my job. I was just curious if anyone new else could it be? And if lesions can be harmless


This must be a very worrying time for you as you have so much uncertainty over what might be the matter with you.

Only your doctors can tell if it is MS or not.

However even if it is, and it may not be, please remember that

MS is a hugely variable and unpredictable disease and there is no way of knowing what your future will be. There is no certainty that you will lose your job. You may be only slightly affected by MS and it may never get any worse.

Advances are being made in the treatment of MS all the time. Check out:

The future for anyone diagnosed now with MS is certainly a lot brighter than it used to be.

In answer to your question, how much lesions affect you depends on where they are.

I know it’s easy for me to say but please try not to worry.

Good Luck


Are lesions classed as a illness or medical condition?

Are lesions classed as a illness or medical condition?

i should imagine they are classed as a medical condition which may indicate an illness.

but i’m not sure.

i know that when my MRI showed lesions, my neuro thought it was ms and did a lumbar puncture to be sure.

surely if the army did the first investigations they must know as much as you.

when do you next go back?

now come on tyler, stop worrying. what will be, will be (as doris day once sang)

keep asking questions on here though, it’s a kind of therapy.

take care

love carole x

Sorry Tyler, I’m not sure what you mean.

Lesions in MS are caused by the immune system attacking the central nervous system;

You might find this information from the MS Society about MS generally helpful:

I believe that there are other medical conditions that can cause lesions besides MS, but I don’t know a lot about this.

You might find it helpful to phone the MS Society helpline on 0808 800 8000.

Take care


Tyler a lesion just means damage or scar.

I know it’s difficult and I know you are worried but non of us can tell you what is wrong with you, we can only tell you what has or is happening to us. Just because you have symptoms similar to ours doesn’t necessarily mean you also have MS on the other hand you could have MS as your Army Doctor has said.

I replied to another of your Threads asking if you are 100% sure you will lose your job! Have you asked? If you do have MS you might never get another attack or it may take twenty years for another to occur MS affects people differently. I know the Army is different to civvy life but you still have rights.

Best wishes Jan

Hi Tyler,

I suggest you look up “

It is web site you can join for Armed service personnel who are still serving, veterans and their families living with MS.

It will help you and give you advice with your employment situation.

If you need to talk more PM me. Andy

Hi Janhh.

i was just wondering could I have lesions with nothing connected to ms

and I have been told I’m going to lose my job with a diagnosis of ms

Hi Tyler

I don’t know for certain if you could have lesions that weren’t connected to MS but I think you could.

Andy’s link to the site that deals with people in the armed forces who have MS would suggest that you can have MS and be in the Army. Who was it told you you would lose your job?” you might find more relevant info if you look at this site.


My commander told me. And yes I’ve sadly been told I do have lesions

Google the website indicated in mine and Andy’s post and join their Members area you will find it is a site for members of the Armed forces only. You might find help regarding your career there.

best of luck

Jan x

Hi, fistly wow fast treatment. In civi street its more like 2yrs not 2weeks. I understand where you are coming from. I used to be in army, left yrs ago nothing to do with ms. However i travel alot, and did not want drugs offered to me, but my ms nurse told me not all drugs needed to be stored in the fridge. Most circumstances could be got around. She has a youngguy on disease modifying drugs for ms who was in aAfghanistan in the army. They delivered the drugs to his base who got them to him. Im not sure how that works, and obviously would not suit all but dont right yourself off just yet. Also there are many roles in the army, not necessarily what you wanted to do, by maybe better than a kick in the teeth. The forces do look after their own and are not allowed to discriminate.

Good luck


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Hi Tyler

While reading all the good advice with some interest, I pulled out my copy of the Mutual Support Handbook.

This is a very complex subject. Even just looking at whether they let you go is complex - and it is by no means certain. Mutual Support are probably the only people who can advise you. Just don’t let someone/anyone push you out without going through all the proper steps.

I will have a proper read through later abd see if I can give you some URLs that may help in the meantime.

As an aside, I once shocked a class of “bright young Majors” by suggesting that if the Army ever went for full equal opportunity, then they would have to let guys in wheelchairs join the Paras. The look on their faces - when they thought it through - was well worth it.


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Thanks Geoff

Been told today that I’m getting medically discharged.

im so gutted

I am so sorry to read this Tyler.

I don’t deserve this. 17 and I turn 18 tomorrow Aswell. Some bad people in this world and it had to be me who loved life.

good birthday present or what haha

It’s a very difficult time for you at the moment. You are having to cope with things that you shouldn’t have to at your age.

All I can say is that from my perspective, as some one with several decades more than you, is that you never know what is round the corner. However tough life is for you at the moment, it won’t be this way forever.

Take care. Hope you are able to enjoy your birthday tomorrow


aw tyler, what a cruel trick fate has played on you.

enjoy your 18th tomorrow.

then see what other career paths are available for you.

you obviously have a lot to offer. young, fit, adventurous and i don’t even know you.

don’t let it crush your spirit.

carole x

It’s just feels like I’ve lost everything. Earning a good wage for my age and now I’ve god nothing