Any Dreamers here?

My recurring dream is that I’m doing an exam and I run out of time, or can’t find my pen, or can’t answer a single question, or I get caught copying etc.

Never liked exams but didn’t have major problems with them - wonder why I keep getting this nasty dream.

Plenty worse things have happened to me but I don’t dream about them!

If I ever remember a dream and there is something about it I don’t like tell i to get lost…go away and don’t bother me again.

For instance once dream about my boss. I soon put a stop to that!


I had a dream last week, where my husband woke me up (as he does quite often with bad news eg. David Bowie, Terrry Wogan being the most recent, Diana and Dodi the first) ge told me the Queen had abdicated, not only that but Prince Charles did not want to accede either! I actually did wake up then, then woke him up to check his phone!

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I keep losing my car. Once I dreamt about making a paper aeroplane and it turned into a bird. I even wrote a poem about it.

I made a snowbird.

A blustery day

Shook the grey street.

Dancing litter,

Faces pointed into the wind

Fighting the dominant breezes.

I folded the paper,

A sharp crease

Pressed out with care,

Transforms a plain white sheet.

Up she went.

Into the twisting air,

Diving, soaring,

Skirting the roofs and eaves,

Reaching the chimney pots.

Pecked by pigeons.

Jealous of her shining white coat.

She came back to me,

Re-pressing her dynamic shapes

I sent her up again.

Willing, eager,

She looked down,

My faithful flyer.

“Look at my snowbird!”

Passing on the pavement

She threw a casual glance,

And down she came.

Dishevelled ruffled paper

No longer my snowbird.

Sitting crumpled on the floor.

Best wishes, Steve.