Any advise welcome

Hi, I had bowel peptic ulcers for long time, no one could find cause privately and NHS. I had subtle symptoms numb feet, restless legs, eye pain, fatigue lots little symptoms years… lately been collapsing thought it was due to bowel… so one doc decided to do CT head which showed bilateral lesions in white matter and I was advised not to drive until any diagnosis… An MRI has now been requested as this was an unexpected find ! Can I ask anyone please if these lesions were seen on CT it’s highly likely they be on the MRI ? Thank you for your help x

Welcome…ok I’m no expert by any means, in my opinion if lesions shown on the ct scan then they will be on the mri as a mri is more accurate imagery. Did you ask your doctor what if anything he\she was thinking or looking for? Good luck.

Thank you for your reply
They looking for MS because they havnt been able to find any cause in my stomach for my symptoms