Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Could anyone kindly advise if MS can show up on a Neck MRI?

I have now been seen by two Neurologists, i had extensive testing last year and all was satisfactory. However, this year i started shaking when exercising and doing certain daily tasks so i was referred back for a second opinion and my Neurological test on the day was normal, basically just following her instructions. That was reassuring but on account of struggling with certain tasks (left arm/hand) she is going to do a Neck MRI and if no changes to my condition or anything worrying on the scan then i will be discharged in six months.

As always when i left, i wished i had asked for a head and neck/full spine but I think im already seen as a bit of a hypochondriac for asking for a second opinion, which is stressful in itself but of course, i am happy that two Nuero’s now think there is no issues with me, so im grateful but im still struggling physically and mentally.

Love to you all, this forum is great.



The demyelination that causes MS can show up in any part of the brain or spinal cord.

If your neurologist has referred you for a neck MRI then they must have a reason. They’ll be looking for anything in the neck which may be causing your symptoms. Don’t worry though, there are a lot of conditions that mimic the symptoms of MS and can be successfully treated.

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Thank you kindly Anthony :slight_smile: