I am finding my mood difficult to manage at the moment. I am quite under pressure with some work and I don’t have enough time to do the thngs that usually help like exercise when I can and meditation, so I am thinking of trying antidepressants.

I think part of the reason it has suddenly got worse is due to bad fatigue but now my mood is low I feel even more fatigued…vicious cycle!

Have people found antidepressants can help to break this cycle?

Hi there, sorry to hear you are feeling low. There is a post on the everyday forum “anxiety”. There are lots of helpful tips on there so you might want to check it out. Hugs Kirstiex

Sorry, I told you the wrong place. It’s in New Diagnosed under Neuro App. so see if that is any help. Sorry for sending you off to the wrong section! Xx

Thanks but I couldn’t really see anything specific about ads on there.

Hello Eski,

I hope that this mail finds you as well as the MonSter allows. I have suffered an awful lot from depression - in fact I think that this was my first symptom. I was first put on Prozac for this, but as I also seem to have anxiety with the MS, this was changed to Citalopram (20mg) and I have found these to be incredibly useful. Good luck with your search to escape the blacki clouds that MS can bring.

Best wishes,



I’ve been living with severe anxiety and depression for several years (pre and post dx). I experienced post traumatic stress disorder which was the initial cause and then a few years later MS raised it’s ugly head… My current ADs are venlafaxine, quetiapine & mirtazipine - + others more specifically for anxiety.

For me the ADS are what enable me to get up in the morning, to do things, to have some motivation etc… But this is in conjunction with ongoing counselling.

Like yourself I do experience the vicious cycle with mood and fatigue even though I take ADs, I think perhaps the fatigue causes a different kind of low mood for me.

Hope that’s been of some help…