anti-disabled country?

What on earth is going on? My partner was born with a very deformed spine and turned in foot and couldn’t walk until operations helped her to do so when she was six years old. Since then, so after 25 years she has learnt to deal with her constant pain, and in an effort to appear normal to the world, does everything to disguise her gait. The tears I have seen fall over the cruel scars left in her mind by being a victim of ridicule for being different. She has never claimed benefits, but cherished her blue badge becauseusing it made so much difference to her pain. Today she got a refusal to renew it based on not displaying enough pain when walking and not displaying enough gait. Wasn’t there a counselor in the west country suspended recently for saying “the disabled kids should be put down at birth” Makes me wonder what is in this governments secret manifesto . Paul

Hi Paul

What is going on is shameful. Your friend needs to appeal to put this right. Its so unfair.

(((((((Hugs)))))) Mary

This is horrid Paul, I’m sorry. I ask that same question everyday, I just cannot get my head around it all. Empathy is lacking in such a huge way that I fear for society and worry now about my sons future (he’s only 7). Sam


Its a very thin line, i can walk should i not get anything? Having a disabillty can be a broad horrizon it doesn’t just have to be mobillity.

That councillor used the old excuse “i said it to make a point”, He is just a little man. I would love to be there when karma bites him on the bum.


Hello Paul,

Can’t your partner appeal against this decision, as it seems pretty simple for them to see where they have gone wrong. Best of luck in getting a more sensible outcome.


paul my heart goes out to her and yourself.

im in cornwall and bbc radio cornwall had a phone in about fear for disabled people. i was asked by disabilty cornwall ( who brought up about the awful comment from the councillor in cornwall another has happened since i think)

cornwall has gotten really bad for those with any disability and the council needs to pay attention to those who are fighting and those who cant.

the gov and the media have a huge part to blame for all this its just discusting. is the ms soc fighting for us and shouting on the roof tops for us??? im not so sure sorry.

i know the blue badge is just so important for people like your wife and myself and others. for them to say what they have is flippant and awful.

thinking of you both and hope this gets sorrted you could appeal.

caz x

Hello Paul,

Always appeal, describing and demonstrating the worst case scenario. The trouble is that dear old Thatcher sought to move as many people onto incapacity benefit in the 80s in order to manipulate unemployment figures. Hence there were many taking that option who would be just laughed away today. Unfortunately the various mentalities that emerged from it have stuck. Now it appears that only those with MS actually understand its effects, making it difficult to be believed. So many other people also see it as another system to manipulate. Caught in the middle are people like us. It just doesn’t help to be shy or modest when it comes to getting our entitlements. I tend to report everything to appropriate authorities. (I know it sounds a bit sad!) This is easily done when there are cars involved.

All the best, Steve.