Answers on a postcard!

Anything NOT implicated as a possible cause of M.S.?

jelly and ice-cream or ice-cream and chocolate sauce or chocolate.

Are they all safe?


No there pretty much isn’t.

Marmite ?

Dreams and happy thoughts oh and a good book?

Cake! That’s why I like to indulge … … and share

Tracey x

Oh - and death. Death does not cause MS :wink:


i gotta go for chocolate or sweetes???

Kate x

Cats, chocolate and high heels seem pretty sacred on here, which possibly explains why I have MS.

Loving Downton Abbey, Shoes, Shopping and Facebook means you’re 75% more likely to get RRMS than if you prefer Homeland, Trainers, Sky Sports and fixing hard-drives. Reverse this for PPMS.

I like Homeland, Shopping, Trainers and Shoes - where does that put me?

is that not a cure Elmo

Radley handbags?



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It’s a guaranteed cure - no more relapses - but it does carry a health warning!


Those sweet pastries… like cakes from “bread talk”…

sex and laughter.

Shows you what my sex life is like.

Thornton chocolates :slight_smile: online shopping :slight_smile:

Eeek - I don’t think I love or even much like any of them. Maybe I have something else then!

Unicorn’s that fart rainbows, pretty sure they don’t cause MS, don’t think they have ruled out everything else?

Pigs flying

Hell freezing over

chocolate tea pot making a great cup of hot tea

thats about the only things I know of that definitely don’t cause it!

Polly xxx