Another Rebif question

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to say that if you try SJW please check that it’s ok to take with other medication you are on.

Ladies especially need to know that SJW can stop the contraceptive pill working.

Don’t want any unwanted pregnancies and a baby boom on here! LOL!


Oh blast thats sjw out the window…just bloody bought some. But we really don’t want anymore babies, ones enough! Thanks Teresa! X x


It was your reply that made me respond to this thread.

I am not sure if it will affect every type of contraceptive pill so to be on the safe side i would check with the GP or pharmacist.

I bought some myself and then read the small print. My SJW is still in the cupboard!

Love my 2 kids but at 41 i don’t want any more!

Teresa. x

Ha ha. Well I definitely would like some more children. I’m 46 but still up for it. :slight_smile:

I don’t want loads of women telling you off Adrian for saying ‘try SJW!’

Most men are ‘still up for it’ at 46 i’m surebut i think would change their mind if they had to be pregnant and give birth!


There’s a reason men don’t go through that…they just would not cope at all. Cannot believe I can’t take the SJW… Good job I was warned…my hubbie would have had a heart attack. :slight_smile: x

I love to see that you women have such a high oppinion of us men. :slight_smile: but on a serious note. Thank you very much for your support. I feel so much better today. Hopefully the side-effects or maybe these side-effects are on the wane. Sorry that you can’t use SJW without consequence.

Adrian x

:)) Xx

Thanks Adrian, you are forgiven! :slight_smile: x

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better Adrian.