another milestone!

Hi everyone, I am having a great week (besides being told I have osteoporosis). I am still getting great results from my foot up and triwalker. Today I went out on my weekend drink with my hubby, and decided I wanted to try and walk. It is only a 5 minute walk from home (or at least for a normal person!),but it took me half an hour, and when I got there I was shattered, but everyone cheered that I had walked. I had a couple of drinks (bitter lemon, I can’t drink anything stronger anymore), and felt I could walk to another pub nearer home. That time I was walking uphill, and by the time I got there I was really struggling. My hubby then phoned my son who was at home, and asked him to bring my wheelchair. I hadn’t told him to, but he said it was obvious I had had enough. Even though I gave in in the end,it was a great feeling that I had done it! I hope some of you read this and feel a bit encouraged. I though I would never be able to walk that far again, but I DID IT!!
Lynne x

Always great to hear some positive news - well done you!

Have you considered a 4 wheeled rollator? They come with a seat so that you can rest when you need to. (also can act as a temporary wheelchair if you have someone with you to push/pull but think this is probably not recommended.)

Good for you Lynne!!! What a sense of satisfaction!!!

Make sure all that bitter lemon doesn’t go to your head :lol: Oh for the days when we could have a real drink eh?

Enjoy the rest of weekend and well done…

Pat x

You did do it, you DID!!!
Most proud and pleased for you!! Go Lynne go! :smiley:

I’m paying for my walk yesterday, today I ache and the small of my back is killing! Back to sitting on my bum and when I have to walk (Sunday is my busiest day, washing and ironing school uniforms, and making Sunday lunch) I am relying heavily on my walker. I know now I did far too much yesterday, Mick did warn me but I carried on!
Lynne x

Well done Lynne – keep it up!

Good for you! That`s brill to read.

One point…don`t see it as giving in…more like accepting…these wheelies etc are there to help us. Look how much longer you can stay out, and how less knackered you feel, eh?

Go girl…I`ll give you a race, if you like!

luv POllx

Well done, at least it didn’t turn into a pub crawl…
I also have been recently diagnosed with Osteoporosis very interesting! There’s a fracture to my L4 vertebre. I wish I had a medical background to try and join up all the dots of this hellish disease.
Take care, M