Another message about vaccine

Sorry if this has already been asked but I was wondering, are we considered to be vulnerable. My husband is as he has COPD but although I’m 65 I can only assume that I will be in the tier 5 group and will have to wait until April. I am Sec/Prog and can just about walk. Thank you for any replies,

Depends if you are taking immune suppressing DMD’s.

I’m SPMS but I’m not classed as very vulnerable or high risk as I’m not on any type of DMD, however, my sister is RRMS but is taking a DMD that suppresses the immune system, therefore she has already had her first shot.

A friend of mine has COPD, yet he hasn’t had a jab and like me has been told he is not classed as being in the “very vulnerable COPD group”.

I think if you had the official shielding letter from your health authority you would be classed as very vulnerable and offered the jab quicker.

I didnt get that letter, my sister did.

My friend didnt get the letter either for his COPD.

Therefore I guess the clue as to whether you will be offered the jab sooner rather later is if you get that official health authority shielding letter ?

Thank you for that information jactac, I am not on any immune suppressant drugs, so I guess I’m not considered to be vulnerable, will have to wait my turn. xx