Another lurker revealed....

I’ve been visiting this forum for a few weeks since I had my first appointment with a neurologist who told me, after asking about my symptoms and doing a 10 minute physical examination, that he ‘strongly suspected’ that I have MS! I’d paid to go private as I’d been waiting so long for an appointment with the good ol’ NHS (since August last year). I had an MRI last month and am seeing the neuro tomorrow for the verdict. I’m really starting to get the butterflies now and am partaking of a strictly medicinal glass or three of Rioja this evening!

I’ve been having symptoms for about two and a half years now; loss of balance, weak and wobbly legs and loss of dexterity with my hands. My GP seemed convinced it was down to anxiety and I kind of convinced myself this was the case for a while, but then the symptoms got a fair bit worse towards the end of last year. I’ve even got to the stage of splashing some cash on a couple of walking sticks - a ‘sensible’ adjustable one (albeit a leopard print one) and a ‘not-sensible-but-very-cool-looking’ black dragon headed one! I don’t need a stick most of the time, but if I’m out on my own I find it really helps my confidence. Having fallen flat on my face in town on a Saturday afternoon once already, I don’t care to repeat the experience!

I’m doing a pretty good job at staying positive, with the odd lapse into wailing and gnashing of teeth and ‘O woe is me!’ I’m lucky to have the most wonderful husband who has been an absolute rock throughout my ups and downs.

There’s a wealth of support and sound advice on this forum which I 've found incredibly useful and a great comfort when I’m having a wobble. Thanks, folks!

Tina x

Hi Tina Sounds like you have a great attitude, the dragon headed stick sounds very sensible to me! Hope all goes well at the neuro tomorrow, let us all know. Enjoy your rioja, it sounds heavenly! Laura x

Thanks, Laura. It is indeed a particulary splendid Rioja. Thought I needed a treat this evening.

I’ll keep you posted on my neurological journey.


Tina x

Hope all goes well, Iv been struggling for about a year! Let us know how u go on I’m waiting to see ms specialist for opinion! Xxxx

I hope all goes well, whatever today brings.



Good luck today! Teresa xx

Hello and welcome Tina and the best of luck for today. Karen x

Hi Tina and welcome… and good luck for today.

Pat x