Another head mri?

Hi all hope you’re well as can be. Just a quick re-cap, loss of feeling left of face aug 2011, mri october (ish) multiple lesions. Vep and neck mri clear, episode of unbearable neck and shoulder pain Jan for 6 weeks ish (previously had this nov 2010), shooting pains in head treated with amitripiline worked thank god.

Neuro has just asked for another head mri 27/03/12. Would their really be any change in such a short time ? Will add my right leg of a night is driving me mad, don’t know exactly how to explain but feels like i have a waterfall inside it and it keeps me awake any idea’s as it makes mewhen i can’t get to sleep.

Thanks sonia x

If you’ve been having new symptoms then there’s a good chance that there is new activity on MRI. It’s good that the neuro is being proactive.

Karen x